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▣ Home Based Business
▣ Seasonal Business
▣ Multiple Location Merchants
▣ High Risk Merchants

▣ E Commerce
▣ Retail Store – Store Front
▣ Mobile Merchants

PIN POINT – Loyalty Points for Customers
CASH ADVANCE – Program for Merchants (Must be in business one year)
APPLE PAY – Apple collaborated with First Data for I Phone 6 Application
PCI COMPLIANCE – Exclusive first and only processor to have “In House”
AMEX OPT BLUE – Exclusive rates and combined with American Express all on one statement
SOCIAL NETWORKING – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest
TELECHECK – Available for merchants who accept checks
FREE STATEMENT ANALYSIS – Showing side by side comparison of current processor

TRANSARMOR® - Exclusive Provider of Data Breach Protection**
PAYEEZY - Exclusive “In House”  gateway with 24/7 Customer Service
CLOVER – First “Cloud” based terminal/cash register system
TASQ – “In House” Equipment Company
GLOBAL LEASING – “In House” Leasing Company
CLOVER GO – A “Secure” I Phone or Android device for Merchants on the go
INSIGHTICS – Exclusive tracking system for customer’s Profiles and Spending
EMV – Smart Chip ready for 10/01/2015
PERKA – Marketing Implementation Rewards System eliminating Coupons

We can help you grow your business with tools and marketing materials:


Taking Care of Your Business- Some of the Benefits:

  1. Same Day Approvals
  2. 27/7 Customer Service
  3. Free Online Account Access
  4. Free Consultation
  5. Free Set Up
  6. Multiple Location Specials
  7. Platinum Packages

Choosing Your Customized Program

  1. We will ask questions to know how to better serve you
  2. We will give you options for special features you can add
  3. We will look out for your individual needs above all
  4. We will go over all fees and rates
  5. We will provide the knowledge and training you need
  6. We will make it easy for you
  7. We will not bind you in any contracts

Solutions tailored to you and your customers. Whatever your business, whoever your customers, wherever and whenever you need us—we are your best choice.

First Data is the first and only processor that has in house PCI Compliance*

Accept more payments, lower processing costs & build your business with our tools & help!

AMERICAN MERCHANTS is dedicated to you and all your business service needs. We have helped numerous businesses to find the perfect solution because we have the experience you are looking for. We will work with you on services, product, rates and fees. We will work day in and day out to help you from start to finish and will walk you through every step of the process! 


It is sometimes hard to know your exact business needs, and don’t worry; we will go over all your questions and best fit the program for you.