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"Thank you so much for helping me with my merchant business.  You have been with me every step of the way and when I couldn't figure it out, you were there to intercede for me. You have made my experience helpful and joyful.  I'm glad I chose you as my merchant partner."

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"American Merchants is friendly, fast and willing to help you in any way to solve your urgent business problems"

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AMERICAN MERCHANTS was founded on three traits of being ADVANCED, ACCESSIBLE, and ACCOMPLISHED.


AMERICAN MERCHANTS' deep industry knowledge translates directly into the cutting edge product and systems developed that the company implements. 

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We will be passing your name to one of our clients, we met with her yesterday and she was very eager to have a merchant account that provided excellent CUSTOMER SERVICE as you DO!

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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

AMERICAN MERCHANTS is dedicated to you and all your business needs. Our most important goal is making you a happy life-long customer.

AMERICAN MERCHANTS, located in Agoura Hills, California, has a reputable and honorable staff of experienced Managerial, Sales, and Customer Service oriented personnel who are willing and ready to assist you with even the smallest details of your merchant account.

AMERICAN MERCHANTS is committed to providing the very best services that customers deserve. Integrity of the Representatives you are in communication with will have the highest standards in excellence, looking out for the merchants’ advantage. 


 "Our goal is to provide excellent service, products and protection to every merchant, no matter how big or small and to be available for every need and concern our merchants have. We are determined to provide the most suitable direction and solution for each merchant with the comprehensive support available by First Data.”

Our Company at a Glance

Technical brilliance is in the roots and in the future. The energy is apparent in communications with the merchants.


AMERICAN MERCHANTS' dedication is to the customers, insuring that every move made has their best interest at heart. Being relentlessly focused on merchant needs will guide success; pairing a human face with a straightforward tone in the communications reinforces the commitment.


AMERICAN MERCHANTS is a company with a presence. There is a sense of leadership and experience of the personnel since 1999 that is appropriate for the status in the industry. The identity and communications underline the accomplishments.


"Thank you guys for helping me get my merchant account set up.  You really explained everything for me to understand the whole process!"

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